Since 1991

Mining & Industrial

The SME Mining and Industrial division is entrepreneurial, innovative and committed to supplying quality solutions on time. This division has been established more than a decade ago and has grown substantially into being a product and project driven division. Reflecting into the past will prove that specific skills have been acquired in providing custom solutions to our clients. This lead to the ability established within this industry in being able to undertake projects of severe character and magnitude.

The success within this division is to focus on what we do best as well as to build strong, talented and hard-working teams. Our highly effective and flexible team comprise of project managers, engineers, technicians and quality control representatives.

Providing custom solutions to our clients for over a decade enable us to integrate from providing a solution to executing a project in total.

Our project experience covers:

  • Continuous plant upgrades – mainly focused on a production environment,
  • Establishment of transformer assembly and maintenance service lines,
  • Custom and Commercial HVAC Installations and Maintenance specific to a plant environment,
  • New to this environment is our Electrical Houses that is designed, manufactured, commissioned and installed onsite. Our electrical department has established the ability to produce electrical panels’ specific to a client requirement. Combining the two abilities will mean a total fully equipped E-house all produced from under one roof.

As a spin-off to various projects in the past, we have taken our developments to a product level. Please refer to one of our product groups for more information.