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HVAC Mining & Industrial

SME has been providing HVAC solutions to the Mining & Industrial sectors for more than a decade. Our integratable packaged HVAC products have been developed to operate in the severest conditions known in the Mining & Industrial environment.

Units are equipped with a fresh air fan to create an overpressure such to be able to supply the operator compartment with fresh clean air. This is made possible with a cyclone, secondary and chemical (for fresh air) filter.

Clean power within the Mining & Industrial environment is never eminent. Therefore specific attention has been applied to equip our machines with protection devices against over voltage, under voltage, phase loss & over current. Refer to our electrical and control division for more information on our Multi-Application-Controller that has specifically been developed for operation in the conditions as outlined above.

Our current range of HVAC products have been in service for over the past decade though essential 3, 6 and 12 month scheduled maintenance tasks are performed.

SME promotes in-house innovative engineering which includes developing state of the art electronic controllers for all our HVAC units.

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Plant HVAC Systems
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This Mk150 air-conditioner provides reliable cooling for industrial enclosures in extremely high temperature environments. It is small, light weight and very powerful for its size. Typical applications are high temperature factory environments. It can be used to cool switchgear, PLC's, variable speed motor drives, and electronics.



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SME has developed modular HVAC systems to cater for a variety of industries and applications. The customer has the ability to easily integrate these units into their systems. A few kilowatt ratings are available to cater for these requirements.







MIKROKOOL SERIES Mk 150D 1.3kW N/A 220 VAC 230 x 450 x 790
Mk 150 1.8kW N/A 380 VAC 230 x 450 x 790
Mk 450 4.5kW N/A 380 VAC 560 x 600 x 1040
Mk 950 9.5kW N/A 380 VAC 700 x 1074 x 1218
Mk 1650 16.6kW N/A 380 VAC 710 x 1388 x 1340

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SME offers the option for the design, manufacture and installation of a custom HVAC system to suit mining and industrial applications where a special requirement arises in terms of environmental conditions, electrical power supply, ergonomics, space requirement, etc.

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