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Our flexible hard-working teams have to date contributed to the success of various projects not only limited to South Africa. Some of our projects executed in the past two years range from Plant HVAC Upgrades (Contract Value R40m; Mozambique), Continuous Plant Upgrades (Yearly turn over value: R20m; Mozambique & South Africa) and the Installation of a Transformer Assembly Platform Line (Total Scope value: R18m, South Africa). One of our new abilities is the total supply of a fully furnished Electrical Enclosures that include electrical switchgear panels and more.

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Chiller HVAC
Plant HVAC Upgrade
Electrical Turnkey
Continuous Plant Upgrades

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SME flow meters are manufactured from seamless 304L Stainless Steel sections welded together to form the final configuration required.

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This Mk150 air-conditioner provides reliable cooling for industrial enclosures in extremely high temperature environments. It is small, light weight and very powerful for its size. Typical applications are high temperature factory environments. It can be used to cool switchgear, PLC's, variable speed motor drives, and electronics.



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Complete Mechanical and Electrical Design, Manufacturing, Panel population, Routing and Low-Voltage Qualification. An external contractor acts as a consultant for Medium and High Voltage qualification tests. If required Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) qualification tests are outsourced.

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