Wheelchair lift

Ref no. SPWCL


The Wheelchair Lift has been designed to collapse against the door such to optimise space during transport. It is capable of lifting 300kg in total. It is fitted with a low friction ball screw and linear bearings which limit noise generation and wear during operation. The platform speed is regulated with a variable speed drive which insures a gradual decrease in speed when the platform is stopped. This reduce wear on the system components resulting in less maintenance being required. The platform controller will automatically stop the system approx. 120mm above the floor. Collision detection has also been added to immediately stop the platform during a collision when lowered. Together with this, the platform is fitted with an upper and lower inductive sensor which will gradually stop the platform when reached. If these sensors are faulty, mechanical limit switches will be triggered which will cut the power supply to the motor.  

The Wheelchair Lift has been designed for operation in the railway and automotive industry, which includes adverse temperatures as well as severe shock and vibration. The system is equipped with a custom designed electronic controller, capable of all control and safety functions. The system has a Bluetooth login interface for remote monitoring via a smartphone app and/or laptop.

Installation of this units requires minimal modifications. This product can easily be “repackaged” such to be integrated into a different application such as a bus or van.



Lifting Capacity  


Lifting Speed

20 - 50mm/s


Wired/Remote Control (Wi-Fi)

Safety Features 

All controls fitted with an action button which must be depressed during the full operation


Equipped with collision detection when lowering


Equipped with upper and lower mechanical stops which cut power to the system in the event the inductive sensors are faulty


Low maintenance ball screw and linear bearings

Soft start & stop function – particularly beneficial for medical patients with back and neck problems




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